Create a Minifig

There are four steps to create a personalized minifig image.
  1. Choose a head from the righ panel, click on it and you will see the changed head on the minifig.
  2. Choose the colour of legs from the leg list on the right panel.
  3. Search for a decal you want to use browsing the references in the left panel. Click on the decal to paste it on the body. Afterwards choose the apropriate colour of the arms from the list of the right panel.
  4. Click on "Create Minifig" to make an image of your actual created minifig. Download the created image and use it for any purpose you want (i.e. avatar ...)

Manipulation of the selected Decal

Buttons beyond the Minifig   ....

Cut Tool cut

The cut tool can be used to cut certain areas from an image for using as decal or face. There are many creations which show a face and the decal oin one image. These  images can't be used directly for the creation of the minifig. To seperate the face from the decal you can use the cut tool.

  1. Load the image from the web page
  2. Select the area 
  3. Press the cut button and you will see the result in the two images below.
  4. These images can afterwards pasted directly on the minifig.

Load Contributions

Eurobricks index

The Eurobricks indices are directly accesiable via the main menu: main

They are loaded directly from the Eurobricks pages and are therefore always up-to-date. Afterwards they can be handled as decribed under "Brickshelf".


Type your brickshelf address in the adress bar and load the decals with the load button: Load Decals


Afterwards the decals are loaded directly from the Brickshelf page and you can manipulate them via three tools:

paste    You can click on the decal to paste it directly on the Minifig

link          You can follow the link to the direct address of the decal.

cut         You  can load the image in the cut tool to use only one part of the image as decal or face.

Some interesting brickshelf galleries can also be reached via the main menu: main